Two Major Pro-Life Bills Introduced in Congress

Tax dollars would no longer be used to terminate the lives of children if two bills recently unveiled are passed into law.

The first, H.R. 3, sponsored by Representative Chris Smith from New Jersey, would permanently codify the prohibition against using tax dollars for abortions in all federal programs. This would be a huge step towards ensuring that tax dollars are not being used to directly fund abortions. However, the bill goes even further by eliminating tax breaks for abortions, which would drastically reduce indirect funding of abortions by the federal government.

The second, H.R. 358 would delete the inclusion of abortion funding in Obamacare, passed by last year’s Congress. That bill would also ensure that pro-life groups are not excluded from federal funds simply because they refuse to take part in abortions or refer abortions out.

Of course, there’s always something you can do. Email your Congressional representative and Senators and tell them that you support the bill and you’d like them to accurately represent you and sponsor this bill and vote in favor of this bill if it comes before them in committee or on the floor. (If you need to figure out who your Congressman or Senators are, click here to find your Congressman, or here for your Senator.)

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