As the sun made it’s way across the Texas sky, volunteers found themselves at a loss
for words. What was a legal and peaceful gathering was now the focus of an officer of the Houston Police Department. Under threat of being charged, it only took a matter of minutes for volunteers to obey the officer’s instruction and leave the area.

The right to speak freely is one of the most powerful and important rights we have. Sadly, efforts to silence pro-life voices are becoming more and more commonplace.

When TCDL heard how volunteers’ rights were being infringed upon, they took immediate action. After meeting with group leaders, TCDL confronted HPD and successfully represented the volunteer group’s rights, resulting in a formal apology from police department leadership.

TCDL is your resource to help when your rights are threatened. Free of charge, they will advise you on your rights, possible legal action and represent you and your group, if needed.

If you are facing similar infringements on your freedom of speech, stand for your rights and call the Texas Center for the Defense of Life. It’s steps like this that ensure the rights for us all.

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