The word “difficult” doesn’t seem like an adequate descriptor, but that’s exactly what it was.

For a fourteen-year-old, the difficulty and stress of being unexpectedly pregnant was compounded by her parent’s objection to the pregnancy. Having decided against abortion, the young mother’s discussion with her parents eventually deteriorated to a point where she felt like her parents were forcing her to have an abortion.

Feeling like there was no way out, she reached out to the Texas Center for the Defense of Life. After consulting with her, the TCDL team filed a restraining against the parents, preventing them from forcing their daughter to have an abortion. This action empowered the mother to stand for her rights and let the baby live.

Coercing someone to have an abortion is illegal. It is also among the most under reported reasons women have abortions. This, combined with lack of access to information about abortion-alternatives, leaves many women feeling helpless and forced into something they do not want to do.

If you or someone you know feels pressured to have an unwanted abortion, contact the Texas Center for the Defense of Life. They will, free of charge, advise you on your options, and, if necessary, provide legal representation.

It’s your pregnancy.
Don’t let someone stand between you and your right to choose life.

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