Family stopped from forcing Texas teen to have abortion

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Attorneys with Texas Center for Defense of Life (TCDL) representing a 14-year-old girl secured a temporary restraining order (TRO) on Wednesday from a Texas court that blocks several of her family members from forcing her to have an abortion against her will.

The teenager’s family members had scheduled an appointment for her to have the abortion at a local Corpus Christi clinic this week. The girl has been under intense pressure to have the abortion, was physically assaulted last week by one family member, and has been prevented from attending school. The unborn child’s teenage father and his mother also do not want the baby killed and have supported the girl’s decision to keep the child. The court order prohibits the girl’s family members “either directly or indirectly from forcing her to have an abortion against her will,” which includes taking her to any abortion clinic.

“Roe v. Wade and ‘choice’ go both ways… if it protects the constitutional rights of a girl or woman to have an abortion, oftentimes without even parental notification or consent, it likewise protects the right of that same girl or woman to not have an abortion against her will” said TCDL President and CEO Greg Terra.

“No one should be allowed to decide that an innocent life–especially one that belongs to someone else–is worthless. The right to not have an abortion is protected by law, and this right is not relinquished just because someone else considers the child to be an unwanted burden,” said TCDL Vice President and Chief Counsel Stephen Casey.

The 13-year-old high school student, who is carrying a 7-week-old pre-born child, is now even more resolved in her decision to keep her child. After suffering through several days of coercion and distress, the young woman’s friends contacted a local pregnancy center which, through various channels, was put in contact with Texas Center for Defense of Life.

“We intend to fully support this young woman in her desire to allow her child to live,” said Greg Terra. “Every mother has the legal right to keep her unborn child, against the coercion of others, and we intend to support her decision in this case.”

The motion for TRO was filed by TCDL attorneys in the 347th District Court of Nueces County, Texas. A temporary injunction hearing in the case is scheduled for Jan. 4, 2012, where the court will decide whether to approve an injunction for the duration of the pregnancy.

The Texas Center for Defense of Life (TCDL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing legal representation and support to pro-life organizations and individuals in Texas, and to aggressively defending the sanctity of innocent human life in Texas and federal courts.

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  1. Tracy 4 years ago

    Will she be able to take care of the baby or will she give it up for adoption? Prochoice is great but don’t make a baby suffer. Give it a better life. I wish her well and hope she makes the right choices for this baby. So many people would love a baby, us included. The parents should support her.

  2. Latisha 5 years ago

    My 16 old daughter became pregnant and I left the choice to her. Her decision was to keep the baby. As a parent we should be stepping up and supporting their decision whether we agree or disagree. I basically raise my grandson now, my daughter finished high school and just completed her first year of college. The decision to keep a baby as a teenager does not have to ruin their lives, however we as parents must step up and sacrifice ourselves to ensure that everyone including the baby has a chance for success. Those parents who feel they should not sacrifice for their children should be ashamed. Perhaps you should have considered whether to have an abortion during your pregnancy because when you become a parent it is not about you anymore for the rest of your life, it is about the next generation, good or bad, we need to step up and show our children how to be strong, how to survive, and how to push through the struggles that are given to us without giving up. Failure is not an option!

  3. Alex Majthenyi 6 years ago

    Please let us know the status of this case. What could we do to help the girl have her baby?

  4. Ally Curtis 6 years ago

    I wish she had the support of her parents in her decision, but I’m glad she is able to choose the course of her life. That’s what being pro-choice is all about.

  5. Veronica DiMera 6 years ago

    I am glad that you are having success with this lawsuit, for the simple reason that I support choice. This girl is making a choice what to do with her body, and we should all support that.

  6. Eric Pinola 6 years ago

    Would letters to the courts or state reps help at all? Does this girl need support? What else needs to be done?

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